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About Arizona HearCare

Since 1995, Arizona HearCare Network providers have been dedicated to helping people with hearing impairment lead more meaningful and satisfying lives.

Only university-degreed audiologists who are clinically certified by the American Speech Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) provide services in our offices.

Most of our professional network providers are also members of the American Academy of Audiology, Academy of Doctors of Audiology,  American Auditory Society, Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association and all are Licensed Dispensing Audiologists by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Arizona HearCare Network , Inc. is composed of the best Clinical Audiologists in the State of Arizona, joined together by the common commitment to provide accurate and efficient diagnostic hearing evaluations to patients. Our network of audiologists covers the entire State of Arizona providing easy access for subscribers to both Medicare-eligible and commercial plans. Plans incorporating hearing healthcare benefits can be tailor-made to suit the needs of subscribers of all ages.

Material benefit plans can include hearing aid accessories as well as aural rehabilitation. Due to the unique education and training audiologists must undergo in order to be certified clinical audiologists through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, audiologists are the professionals best qualified to conduct hearing evaluations and dispense hearing aids. Our credentialing criteria ensure that only the highest quality professional will be enlisted as a provider for Arizona HearCare Network.

Whether the patient is an infant or a senior citizen, our providers can evaluate their hearing healthcare needs and provide appropriate diagnostic and rehabilitative services.

Arizona HearCare Network is here to serve third-party payers and their membership as well as the general public. We believe in the philosophy that we all must share in the responsibility to use health care benefits wisely and appropriately. This applies to the insured, the insurance company and the provider of services. By working together with a WIN-WIN-WIN attitude, quality health services can be provided with minimal monetary risk to the parties involved in the process. Access to providers should be reasonable and the quality of care high.

To find out if your insurance plan offers benefits at an Arizona HearCare Network provider call: 1-800-532-3331 TTY 1-866-580-9396.